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The Community Sports Foundation Young Sporting Talent Scholarships (YSTS)

It is not uncommon for the Foundations coaching staff to witness glimpses of potential and ability from our participants. However every now and then we come across what could only be described as a 'Little Gem' and a participant with unprecedented skills and ability.

Talented young athletes often find themselves balancing a multitude of pressures and demands; from getting homework completed on time and preparing for exams, to coping with daily life and growing up; not to mention the desire to achieve in their chosen sporting discipline.

Developing and supporting talent is a core principle and objective of The Community Sports Foundation and our Trustees. This is why we have created the Young Sporting Talent Scholarships programme. The Foundation believes it has an obligation to help harness sporting ability and help guide the individual towards ensuring that their maximum potential is achieved.


How do the Young Sporting Talent Scholarships work?

The Scholarship program looks to work closely with individuals who have caught the attention of the Community Sports Foundation Coaches whilst participating in one of our initiatives/programmes. If enrolled on to the scholarship programme the individual will receive not only the support and guidance of the Foundation and our coaches, but will receive the gift of kit and other benefits designed to reduce the barriers that may be preventing them from reaching their full potential.


Who is eligible for the TCSF Young Sporting Talent Scholarship?

Any individual who shows outstanding attainment levels in sport and that has been recommended by a Foundation coach will be considered to receive a TCSF scholarship.

The scheme does not have any registration targets and is operated simply on the basis of suitable candidates being presented to the Trustees.

The Trustees would like to stress that the scholarship scheme seeks to support talented athletes affected by learning and physical disabilities as well as young able bodied sportsmen and women.


How long does the TCSF Young Sporting Talent Scholarships last?

The community Sports Foundations Scholarships are offered and reviewed on a yearly basis.


How do I apply for a TCSF Young Sporting Talent Scholarships?

Unfortunately the scholarship programme is not open to applications and is offered on the recommendations of TCSF coaches only. We recommend that individuals wishing to be considered for a scholarship continue to show their commitment by attending Foundation sessions and working hard to develop their skills and ability.

Home > Scholarships


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