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The Sport-athon programme is designed to give participants a taste of various sports from Athletics to Ultimate Frisbee. The sporting disciplines on offer are closely worked out between the Foundation coaches and our partners and looks to take advantage of the surrounding environment and facilities at our disposal. There is a strong emphasis on play and fun throughout the Sport-athon programme and it is intended to introduce participants to both new and traditional sports. The programme is extremely flexible and suitable for mixed ages and genders. It can be run as a one-off event or over a period of time with the sports on offer changing inline with the event timetable.




The programme allows the participant to take part in a range of sporting disciplines under the stewardship of a Foundation coach(s). The session times can be tailored but are typically 15-20 minutes per taster activity or friendly game. After this allotted time the lead coach will invite the participants to move into another area and take part in a different sport or game. Before and after the overall session ends a full group warm up and warm down will be run by the coaching staff.


Key Programme Benefits

  • Suitable for mixed gender and age participation
  • Can take place indoors and out, subject to available facilities
  • Introduces participants to new sports
  • Fun and relaxed environment which encourages activity, play and participation
  • The promotion of individual and team sports
  • Improved attainment levels
  • Can be run as a one off event or over a long period of time
  • Non competitive environment
Home > Projects >Sport-athon


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