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Schools Olympics

The Olympics are without a doubt one of the highlights of the sporting calendar every four years. The range of sports involved in the games makes it the most participated sporting event in the world. The history of the games makes it an extremely interesting subject in which to engage children and to enhance the school curriculum.

At the Community Sports Foundation we have adopted many of the principles set out by the British Olympic Association to help run our very own 'Schools Olympics'. The programme not only involves the use of sport in the way you would expect, but also encourages participation from most other departments in the school. We believe that through the creation of a 'Schools Olympics' programme we are able to create a school-wide event which teaches team work and co-operation as well as getting children physically active.


The 'Schools Olympics' programme aims to work with schools over a period of time. During this time our coaches will assist the athletes in learning the necessary skills to participate in Olympic events chosen to be included within the schools Olympic Games. Away from the physical activities the participants will be encouraged to learn about the history of the games, to create marketing collateral and perhaps compose their very own theme tune for the games.

We will aim to create and deliver a wide range of events for the 'Schools Olympics' with a focus on both competitive and non-competitive games and team events, ensuring that all the children are able to participate.

As with the real Olympics once the sporting events have taken place there will an award for each event as well as participation awards and certificates.

Key Program Benefits

  • The promotion of individual and team sports
  • School wide involvement
  • Engaging for a wide variety of participants
  • Improve attainment levels
  • Increase parental involvement
  • Academic involvement as well as physical

Complimentary Activities Implemented by School Departments.

Below are examples of how other school departments are able to get involved with the 'Schools Olympics' program.


  • Design the banners to be used for each country at the Opening Ceremony.
  • Design and produce medals and certificates to be used as awards.
  • Construct posters to be used throughout the school.

English / Media Studies

  • Write a newsletter to parents informing them of the Olympic Day and inviting them to support the program.
  • Write a newspaper article reporting on the Olympic Day.


  • Record competitors' times and analyse the data to reveal the speed of the athletes and personal bests etc.

Modern Languages

  • Choose one of the competing countries and conduct a 'mock interview' in the target language.


  • Compose a theme song for the Olympic Day.
  • Study how music has been a part of the Ancient and Modern Olympic Games.

Physical Education

  • Train for the events.
  • Highlight an Olympic athlete and discuss their sport and career.


  • Discuss the effect of science technology on the changes in equipment over the years.
  • Discuss and explore the role of sports science towards improving athlets diets and conditioning. nutritious
  • Discuss the prevention of dehydration during the day's events.
  • Devise a fitness plan for all the participants to follow during the preparation for the day.

Technology / Home Economics

  • Design a healthy lunch for athletes.  Working with the school catering staff to see the meal on offer on the Olympic Day.
Home > Projects > Schools Olympics


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