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Hit 4-6
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Hit 4-6

The Foundations HIT 4-6 programme looks to introduce young participants aged between 5-11 to the sport of Cricket. As the name suggests it is all about scoring big, the reality is that skill and understanding of the game must be taught first before the runs can start to be added.

HIT 4-6 uses many of the principles associated to Kwick-Cricket including the light weight plastic bats, balls and stumps. The emphasis like most of the Foundations programs is on participation and enjoyment. The session looks to teach the basic principles of throwing, catching, bowling and batting as you would expect, with specially designed fun drills. However the main emphasis is always on providing a game environment, allowing the participants to play and engage with one another as a group and team.

What's more HIT 4-6 is a truly integrated and accessible program which allows for participation from mixed genders as well as children coping with learning or physical disabilities to play together.



HIT 4-6 can be run in many different ways depending on the number of participants, equipment and space. Typically within a game environment between 2 to 32 children can comfortably and safely take part.

There are 3 different types of Games that can be played including; Lords Cricket, Pairs Cricket and Continuous Cricket. Each game is fun and engaging to play and can involve mixed genders as well as children with learning and physical disabilities.


Key Program Benefits

  • Mixed gender
  • Competitive or non competitive games can be played
  • Encourages team work and leadership
  • Improved attainment
  • Can be played indoor or outdoor dependant on available facilities



Home > Projects > Hit 4-6


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