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The community Sports Foundation recognises the importance of introducing children to sport at a young age. It not only helps to keep them fit but encourages them to learn and interact with others. At a young age children are often more responsive to learning new skills and willing to take part in activities. We believe that this time is critical for us to capture their imagination and get them excited about sport. It is our belief that if we are able to do this early on in their development process then they are more likely to continue within sport throughout their life.

With all of the TCSF programmes the emphasis remains first and foremost on the participants having fun, without this they simply lose interest and are likely to be put off sport altogether.

The 'Early-Start' programme is aimed at children from the ages of 3-7 years of age, with emphasis on improving their co-ordination and balance as well as increasing their self-confidence, gently introducing them to activities and exercise.


Programme Structure

The programme is typically based around a series of 1 and a half hour sessions broken down into 3 x 30 minute lessons.

The first 30 minute lesson is designed to focus the participant with a series of individual games and exercises set by the coach. Once completed the programme moves towards a focus on team skills and sports. Finally, the session ends with a 30 minute lesson focusing on 'free play' whereby the children are required to undertake a series of problem solving tasks using their imagination and sports equipment.



This programme can be used to introduce participants to various sports or simply to promote specific sporting disciplines. The Foundation is confident that the 'Early-Start' programme is suitable for children with learning and physical disabilities.


  • Multi sport emphasis if required
  • Flexible approach
  • Improved communication skills
  • Mixed gender involvement
  • Specifically aimed at engaging and fun for young children (4-7 years old)
  • Encourages self motivation
  • Increased attainment levels
  • Learn teamwork /skills
  • Develop individual sporting skills
  • Improve learning and listening skills
  • Practice lateral thinking
Home > Projects >Early-Start


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