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Badminton Club

Racquet sports are an excellent way for participants to improve their hand-eye coordination while also improving their overall standard. Perhaps the best introduction to racquet sports is Badminton, a game that requires relatively little space, inexpensive equipment and can be played in or outdoors.

The Badminton Club has been created using a staged approach to coaching the sport, starting with the Beginner stage and moving through to the Advanced Stage. This allows our coaches to work with participants of varying standards at any given time and offers the freedom to begin the programme at the level required by the group's capabilities.



Programme Structure:

1st Stage - 'Beginners Stage'.

Within this stage the emphasis is on the racquet grip. Although this is a very basic part of the game it is also one of the most crucial to get right because the grip is fundamental to much of the game's stroke play. On average it takes between two and three seasons to achieve the correct racquet grip.

2nd Stage

Once the participants have successfully mastered the grip they will then start to learn the upper arm and under arm swing as well as the forehand service. The objective of this second stage is to grasp the correct upper and under arm swing and an introduction to the Badminton serve. On average this stage will take around two - three sessions.

3rd Stage

This stage of the coaching programme seeks to teach several key stokes involved in the game, including the clear, drop, under arm clear, net play, low service as well as forward and backward footwork.

With the focus on such a wide variety of shots and techniques this stage will on average last around nine - eleven sessions

4th Stage

At this stage our coaches will aim to increase the intensity of the skills learned during the previous stage, gradually introducing the smashing, defending, under arm push, drive and also the side ways footwork. This stage is arguably the most intensive of all the 'Badminton Club' stages with around fifteen - twenty sessions often being required for participants to learn the skills and techniques to a good standard.

Home > Projects >Badminton Club


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