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The Foundation will always discuss with applicants the sort of sporting events they wish us to run for them. It is always our aim to deliver sessions that are challenging and informative, but above all they must be engaging for the participants.

We have the capability of delivering a wide variety of sports coaching and are confident that we can deliver sessions and events that fulfil the needs and requirements of our applicants. By working together we can create a programme that fulfils all our objectives.

Within this section we have included examples of the sort of sessions the Foundation together with our delivery partners, are able to run. It is important to remember that this is not an exhaustive list but is based on some of the Foundation's most successful projects.

Should your organisation be successful in applying to the Foundation for assistance we will discuss your ideas thoroughly with you. We can create new programmes or adapt existing delivery programmes such as the ones listed within this section. We strongly believe that it is only by working together in partnership with applicants that we can be sure of maximising participating numbers and ensure the delivery of greater success.

Home > Projects


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