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How it Works

ICON Horse Racing on behalf of The Community Sports Foundation (TCSF) and the 4 Harlequins players have specially selected and registered the horse with the British Horse Racing Association. Together we will offer the opportunity for individuals to purchase a 5% shareholding in the animal (a total of 10 shares are available for supporters and interested individuals to purchase).

Each shareowner enters into an agreement with ICON Horse Racing to receive a percentage share in prize money relevant to your purchased shareholding. (5% per share purchased with TCSF retaining 1% to fund new projects and initiatives). The owner will also receive a percentage of the sale price achieved by the horse, relevant to the purchased shareholding (at 4% per share purchased - Please note 1% is again retained by TCSF to fund new projects). ICON Horse Racing will act as management agent to each of the shareowners involved in the partnership and provides a level of service unparalleled within the industry.

ICON Horse Racing and TCSF will keep owners fully up-to-date with the trainer's comments as well as monitor the horses' general progress and wellbeing. We will arrange for owners to visit the stables and witness the horse in training. Owners will receive entry to the owners' enclosures at every racecourse where the horse is running.

Each shareowner is required to pay a Monthly Training fee which covers all training and gallop fees, routine day-to day veterinary & farriers fees, horse insurance and all horse registration costs. Unlike other race horse ownership schemes our partnership will include race entry fees, jockeys riding fees and associated race day costs, we will not ask you for any contributions outside of the stated figures.

Upon the decision to sell the animal the Partnership will be wound up and you will receive your percentage of the sale price achieved by the horse, relevant to your purchased shareholding.

How to Join

To purchase your exclusive 5% shareholding please complete the below form and we will contact you as soon as possible to confirm your details and register you as an official owner. Alternatively please contact us on 0203 346 3064.

Contact Number:

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Home > Horse Support


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