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Apply to the Foundation
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Home > Apply to the Foundation > Why Approach the Foundation for Assistance?

Why Approach the Foundation for Assistance?

It is important to remember that the foundation exists to work in partnership with our communities and to deliver front line sporting services that benefit society at large.

The Community Sports Foundation is different from many other charities because of the unique way we run and support projects. We do not award grants to applicants and expect them to run programmes on our behalf, instead we invite applications from all sectors of society who feel that a sports based initiative will make a positive impact on their community.

If you are successful in applying to the Foundation we will take care of the day to day running of any proposed projects. We will assign our own coaches and administration staff to your project as well as have sole responsibility for delivering the project on time and to budget.

What the foundations support will mean and deliver?

  • The creation of a mutually agreed programme/initiative designed to tackle the issues identified by you and your organisation.
  • Foundation support and funding
  • In house project management for the programme
  • In house marketing of the programme / initiative to maximise awareness and attendances
  • In house reporting and assessments
  • Access to highly qualified, multi sports coaches
  • Fully insured and vetted coaches and facilities
  • Access to the very latest sports coaching equipment
  • Peace of mind
Home > Apply to the Foundation > Why Approach the Foundation for Assistance?


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