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Apply to the Foundation
Apply to the Foundation
Why approach the Foundation
Why the Foundation does not award traditional style grants
TCSF Main Grants Fund
- How the TCSF Main Grant Fund Works
- Highlights of the TCSF Main Grants Fund
- Why do we operate in this way?
- Your financial contribution explained
- What we are unable to fund
- Application process
- Download application form [Word Doc]
The Coaching Credit Partnership
- How the programme works
- What happens to the money raised
- Why apply to the CCP grant programme
- Finances (example)
- Application process
- Download application form [Word Doc]
20:12 Coaching Program
- Application process
- Download application form [Word Doc]
Coaching Opportunities Initiative

Home > Apply to the Foundation > Application Process - Step by Step Guide

Application Process - Step by Step Guide

1. Send in your completed Expression of Interest Form; we can only accept applications on the correct form. Copies can be downloaded from here. If you do not have internet access, or require this documentation in another format, please contact us on 0203 346 3064.

2. Your Expression of Interest will be acknowledged within seven working days. You will be informed within Five weeks whether you have been invited to discuss your project with a member of the Community Sports Foundation.

3. Meet with a member of the TCSF staff to discuss your application and allow them to produce the Strategy Report document for your approval. Please ensure you have gathered any supporting information for your project in advance of this meeting or submit it within 2 weeks of the Strategy report document being submitted to the Trustees.

4. Read through your Strategy report document and confirm you are happy for it to be submitted to the Trustees for their approval. Your TCSF Grants co-ordinator will contact you if any further information is required.

5. Your application will be presented to the Trustees at the next available meeting. Dates are not published, but meetings are held quarterly. We will inform you of the Trustees decision within 14 working days of the meeting. If successful you will be sent a Conditional Offer Letter.

6. You will have 4 months to meet any conditions set out in the Conditional Offer Letter. Once all conditions have been met a Formal Offer Agreement will be sent to you. This must be returned along with your contribution payment to the Foundation within seven working days.

7. Once we receive your completed documentation your TCSF Grants Co-ordinator will contact you to discuss marketing and beginning the event.

8. Please remember that as the Community Sports Foundation will be administering and running this event, there is no need for you to complete any reports or to provide evidence of expenditure or project success. You may however be asked to comment on the scheme.


Download application form [Word document]

Home > Apply to the Foundation > Application Process - Step by Step Guide


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