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Our Vision

The Community Sports Foundation seeks to improve the wellbeing and quality of life of individuals and communities through participation in sport, by:

Increasing participation in sport and physical activity across communities (especially amongst under-represented groups such as women and girls)
Providing access to affordable (and preferably free) high quality sports programmes and coaching for the community
Providing programmes of positive activities for children and young people and their families
Supporting schools and local councils in providing for the extended participation in high-quality PE and sport
Helping to provide the link between school and community club sport , widening and sustaining sports participation and identifying and developing  talented young individuals

The Foundation's vision is to complement and expand current school sports activities in line with government targets. The Trustees want to work with local authorities, amateur and professional sports clubs, schools and youth clubs to ensure that children and young adults have access to well organised and engaging physical activities. Our projects must serve to increase confidence and attainment levels, enhance curriculum learning where applicable and build on employment skills.

As well as complementing School activities the Foundation recognises that particular effort needs to be made to assist sports governing bodies in delivering their own specific objectives.

The Foundation is committed to expanding youth development and activities outside school as well as within term time. We seek to build a close working relationship with our partners and supporters to ensure that we are able to deliver after school and out of term courses which serve this purpose.
Particular attention will be made to ensure that our courses remain accessible and open to all regardless of age and ability and where possible participants with Learning and Physical Disabilities. If however for any reason the foundation's activities are unable to cater for such circumstances we remain committed to ensuring that we can make adequate provision for some form of activity. Please see our Working with young people with Learning and Physical Disabilities section.

Home > About Us > Our Vision


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