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Our Sports

The Foundation is keen to offer a divers range of activities and sports to our participants.  We continually carry out research or local consultation to ensure that our coaching skill set is sufficient to take in the latest trends so we can be sure of offering sports that will attract participation and prove engaging.

Our coaches are capable of delivering new sports such as ultimate Frisbee and Dodge Ball as well as more traditional sports like football and cricket. We support sports that are non-competitive or even single-gender activities but will only ever support and promote sports that we are confident in delivering the very best standard of coaching in.

We welcome interest in or services and grants from anyone keen to use sport to deliver a positive image and role within the community.  We are always pleased to discuss how we might help plan and run activities in your town, parish, neighbourhood, sports club, or school etc.

We are pleased to be able to create and run projects based on the following sports as part of our portfolio.

Sports currently supported by the Foundation include;

Athletics Basketball Canoeing Cheerleading
Cricket Cross country running Dance Dodge Ball
Football Hockey Lacrosse Rugby
Street dance Swimming Tennis Ultimate Frisbee

If your sport is not included within the above list then please do not hesitate to contact the Foundation to see if there are plans to introduce your sport to our portfolio.

Home > About Us > Our Sports


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