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About The Community Sports Foundation

The Community Sports Foundation is a UK registered Charity. The Foundation seeks to develop a wide range of Sporting activities and events specifically targeted at children and young adults. We believe passionately that through sport we are able to break down many of the barriers which exist within communities and work towards reducing levels of crime, anti-social behaviour and rising obesity levels within the United Kingdom.

The Foundation is committed to providing our participants with the ability to become physically active and believe that through sport we can deliver a positive programme which will serve to promote not only physical benefits in terms of confidence, comradeship and discipline, but also social benefits to our stakeholders and communities.

Since the 2012 Olympics, we have seen a positive shift in people's attitude towards both professional and amateur sport. A key principle of the Government and the London 2012 organising committees winning bid was to provide a sustainable Olympic games which left a sporting legacy for the entire country. The Foundation believes and sees that this legacy has been achieved and the Foundation's Trustees believe we are in a perfect position to continually assist in this strategy with our extensive network of highly qualified community coaches, local councils and relationships with various sporting governing bodies.

A successful Olympic games has helped the Governments goal to make sport a part of every child's day an achievable feet and TCSF will help to deliver on these actions. Building a greater sporting nation and a fitter nation remains a primary aim to deliver the equivalent of an hour of sport to every child, every day of the school week. It is the Foundation's belief that this ambitious objective can only be achieved with the help of outside organisations such as ourselves, with the ability to remove the added responsibility placed directly on school resources, local authorities and their staff.

The foundation works closely with its stakeholders to identify a need for its skills and services. Our initiatives and projects are designed to be accessible, affordable (if not free) and engaging for our participants. The trustees believe that our projects must not only represent value for money, but ensure a conscious effort is always made to ensure that the projects remain viable and sustainable.

Where possible we will look to invest our time and resources directly into initiatives that demonstrate a desire to make a difference through the use of sport. The Foundation will very rarely fund projects exclusively from its own resources but will look to offer matched or percentage funding. We believe this helps to demonstrate a wider commitment from our stakeholders but more importantly allows our own resources to be spread evenly around our focus areas, serving more people in our local communities.

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